Prepare your Home to Enjoy Autumn Outdoors

Central Texas is famous for hot weather days filled with blazing sunlight and temperatures repeatedly above 100 degrees. As Fall arrives and brings a few months of blissful peace from that, it’s no wonder that this is the time people most want to spend outdoors. With the end of summer in sight, now is the time to prepare a space for you and your dear ones to enjoy the weather change outside. Whether you are considering investing in a new screened in porch this year, or simply interested in maintaining a pre-established one, we have some recommendations that should help make the space cozy and fabulous just in time for the weather change.

Screened in Porch Maintenance

There are many reasons your screens may have seen better days. Wear and tear from our regular wet/dry cycles are an obvious culprit, but there are some issues that speed up the aging process for screens. Hail can pack a wallop. Kids and pets can often be singled out for damage to screens. Tree limbs and plants can tear holes in screens. Once the screen is damaged, you may think it is imperative to go ahead and commit to replacing the whole screen. However, sometimes it is possible to repair screens. Our team will assess the damage and make sure to steer you in the right direction.

Maximizing your Storm Door and Patio Door’s Potential

Similarly, rough use, overuse, or even regular use does not automatically mean that a porch door, or storm door, needs to be replaced. Depending on what the issue is, we will come up with the best plan to address the problems with an older patio door and repair when we can. There are many times that a replacement makes the most sense. We have access to some of the best storm and patio doors available on the market today and only deal with quality products that we feel comfortable repairing and replacing parts down the road, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

screen porch enclosureNew Screened in Porches

Starting from scratch? No problem. Our screened in porch specialists will help you every step of the way design and implement a fabulous screened in outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. Our designs are created to increase the general appeal of your home and maximize the functionality of the space you are working with. Now’s the perfect time to build a porch for you and yours to enjoy for the rest of the cool season in the Austin area.

Bringing the Cool Autumn Air Inside Your Home

It’s lovely to be able to open your windows to let the fall air into your home- but with an abundance of bugs out there, you may not want to without screens. Now’s a great time to evaluate the condition of your screens, have missing ones replaced and repair tears where needed. You can send us measurements for new screens, bring in your old screens for rescreening, or we can come out to you and minimize the hassle. If you are looking for additional energy savings, full solar screens are a great option.

While it’s true that the Fall season doesn’t usually last a full three months in Central Texas, it does always seem to roll around in time for the holidays. Amidst all the pumpkin carving and pie making for Halloween and Thanksgiving, Autumn has a special way of reminding us to take time with our close friends and family. Those cooler Fall days are such a treat for us who are so used to the hot sun, so enjoying that cool Autumn air is preferable. Highly functioning storm, patio doors, window screens and a well kept screened porch will help you and yours enjoy a Texas Autumn to the fullest.

Watching Winter from the Porch – The Benefits of Warmer Weather

Fall seems to have arrived late to Central Texas this year, which tells Austinites that a milder-than-normal winter is likely on its way. While it seems unlikely that this year’s Christmas will be white, there are many benefits the gentle winter brings with it. The slower temperature change is especially good news for those many home owners with the screened porches and patio doors Austin is known for. Here are some ways you should be taking advantage of the extra months you have to enjoy your patio screen doors and porches this holiday season.

  1. Family meals

There’s no reason to squirrel away inside this winter. Set up tables on the patio to enjoy a meal with family and friends outside in the open air. Though flies and mosquitoes are sure to be attracted to the fantastic smells that accompanies your good cooking, you needn’t fear if your screens have been installed and maintained by professionals. By working with the experts at Dan’s Screens & Things you can be sure that no uninvited party guests arrive and ruin the feast.

  1. Host Friends

The holidays are a time to spread cheer, and the best way to do that is to invite your friends together and share their company. A screened porch provides the ideal space to gather. Not only will you be able to save money on your energy bill by enjoying the beautiful weather, you also won’t have to worry about rain ruining your plans. When you open your patio doors, Austin friends gather and good times are shared by all. No porch? No problem! A large living area with open screened windows is also a great place to celebrate all your cherished friendships.

  1. Enjoy “You” Time

The end of the year always brings with it reason to pause and reflect. Take time for yourself and use the extra days of gorgeous weather to your advantage. Listen to the chirping of birds and crickets as you savor a Texas sunrise or sunset. Cozy up in a blanket with a mug of something warm and watch a misty rain through your patio screen doors.  Enjoy fireflies lighting up the night without worrying about mosquitoes. Give yourself the gift of time and allow yourself to take refuge in the peace and quiet your screened patio offers you.

There’s no doubt that a mild winter is great news for homes with screened porches and screened windows. The opportunity to spend more time enjoying Texas weather without having to leave your home or worry about bugs is just another thing to be grateful for this holiday season. It’s the perfect way to host family and friends and partake in the holiday spirit. Make sure that your screens are well maintained and are in tip top shape before inviting guests over! It’s also not too late to get screens installed in order to take advantage of the rest of the season. Dan White’s Screens & Things are happy to provide the best service for you and help you make this Texan winter the best one yet.

Autumn Is Upon Us!!

Autumn is Upon us here in Austin.

Is your home ready to enjoy the cooler temperatures? We can Help.

We make custom size screens to fit any size windows. We have 5 screen frame colors to match your  window trim. We have a variety of screen material to chose from. We can make you insect screens in Phifer wire material including Black or Silver Aluminum wire or Stainless Steel or Copper Wire. We have Phifer fiberglass screen in Black or Gray color. Many choices to chose from to match your needs and home windows.

Our Solar Screens help out with the intense heat of the Suns UV rays coming into your home. Our Solar screens come in 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% intensity. The City of Austin Electric gives a rebate to home owners for Solar Screens on your home with so much square footage covered in Solar Screens on your windows. So you save money two ways with Solar Screens.

Autumn is the perfect time for porch sitting.

Do you have an existing covered porch?

We can change your existing porch into a beautiful Screened in room. You’ll have an outdoor living space added to your home with a bug free screened in porch. Perfect for the cooler Autumn nights that are just around the corner.

Give Us call to schedule an appointment for our team to help get your home ready for Autumn.

If you need new Window screens to open the windows for the cooler breezes of Autumn. Give Us a call.

If you want to be ready for Autumn porch sitting on your new screened in porch. Give Us a Call.

Spring has arrived in Austin

Is your house ready for Spring?

Do you have window screens for your windows? We can help.

We make custom window screens for your windows to your windows exact measurement.

Do you have intense sunlight or heat coming in through your windows?

We can help.

We have Solar Screens to help with that. Our Solar screens come in 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% effective Solar Screen material. The City of Austin Electric also gives a rebate for home windows covered in Solar Screen.

Do you have a patio that you would like to turn into a beautiful screened in porch. We can help.

Our custom screen porch system can create a beautiful outdoor living space from your existing patio.

Now you are ready for Spring with the help from Dan White’s Screens.

Give us a call if you would like any of our custom work done for you.

Spring Time Essentials

Now that the Holidays are over, its time to set our sights on Spring! Soon it will be the beautiful spring weather we have here in central Texas. Time for porch sitting and leaving your windows open for warm evening breezes. We have your essentials for spring.

We can make custom made window bug screens for your windows.We can custom make solar screens for your windows. Solar Screens are perfect for your windows that receive direct sunlight in your home . If you have intense heat from the Sun in any of your rooms, solar screens are what you need for your windows. Solar Screens cut out the heat and harmful UV rays. These screens can be for home or business application.

We can custom make storm doors for your home or patio.

We have sliding glass patio doors. We can re -screen your existing patio screen door. We carry wheels and door handle replacement parts.

We custom make beautiful Screened in porches that add value and beauty to your home. Doug’s custom screened in porches will have your neighbors envious that you have an outdoor living area by just screening in your existing patio area.

Do any of our Spring essentials work for you? Give US a call.

Spring time is our busy time, so if you are thinking of a beautiful screened in porch for your home. Don’t hesitate to call and get on our schedule for spring time.

We offer free estimates for your spring time needs.


Happy Holidays in Austin

Our team here at Dan White’s Screens and Things would like to thank All of our customers for a great year. We want wish everybody here in Austin and surrounding area Happy Holidays !!!

We will be closed Dec. 24th thru Jan. 3rd. re-opening Jan. 4th to let our employees enjoy a much deserved break.

We look forward to 2016 for all your Solar Screens, Window Screens and Screen Porch enclosure needs. In a few short months we will be back to Spring time and getting our homes ready to enjoy the sunshine and nice breezes.  Add a custom built Screen Porch to your patio for evening sitting with out the bugs. Give us a call!!

We will be taking applications for screen installers starting Jan. 4th.

Thanks Again, and Happy New Year!!

Doug White and Family


Fall Weather has Arrived in Austin

Perfect time to replace old screen doors with new screen doors. Perfect time to open your windows and allow the wonderful fall crisp air to refresh your home. Perfect time to screen in your porch for evening sittings. Dan White’s Screens can take care of all your needs. We have custom made bug screens and custom made solar screens. We can custom screen in your existing porch. We have a variety of storm doors to choose from and can custom make doors any size. We also have patio glass sliding door needs. Give us a call.